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Quality Lead

Job Description:

Be a Leader in Safety and Environmental Protection. Fosters a culture in the organization that uses

the elements of Operational Excellence to drive to Incident and Injury Free work environment. The

TCO Tenets of Operation will be the mechanism used for checks and balance to ensure safety

remains the guiding value for the team in every activity. Forward planning and knowledge of the work

place environment will be used to support the effort.

Have an overall understanding of Project Execution plans, procedures and turnover processes

and project schedules. Identify and develop the delivery validation Work Processes and Procedures

for Quality and Handover deliverables required for a perfect Handover and Start-up.

Work closely with Systems Completion, Quality Control and Regulatory teams to align the work

processes for the verification of completion of Quality documents in CMS (Completion

Management System Tool).

Lead and work with Project teams (Systems Completion, Quality Control, Operations and

Maintenance, Regularity Affairs etc.) and TCO Base Business Facility Engineering organization to

implement agreed Quality Deliverables validation work processes and procedures; consult with all

involved responsible stakeholders if needed.

The specific and or main responsibilities include to validate the completion status of Project and

Operations Deliverables required for a safe Start-up of the systems/facilities but not limited to:

 Quality Records Status

 Flange Management System and Records

 Loop packages

 Commissioning dossiers

 Others Project Deliverables

Work to track and verify that Quality documents status obtained after construction and

commissioning, validated and electronic files are received for Handover to TCO Base Business.

Ensure quality records have been provided at Operations Acceptance for a Start-up of the Facility

and handed over before Stable Production. Support and provide inputs for the activities assigned to

Handover scope related to Quality Documentation.

Identify and understand the quality records to tag and equipment type relationship. Monitor the

readiness status of sub-systems / systems and check the receipt of completion data / documents.

Identify and address any gaps associated with the Quality records completion verification for

Operations Acceptance. Assist to the relevant Project teams in defining and allocating the Quality

Verifying deliverables needed.

Lead and work with Phase 5 Delivery Team and Project teams to set up and populate Handover

Packages in CMS for Operations Acceptance and Transition to Base Business organization.

Provide leadership and guidance for the validation of delivery work processes and make suggestions

to improve as needed, specifically related to Quality / Handover documentation. Responsible to

review and check the Quality deliverables’ completeness status during the fabrication, construction

and commissioning, start-up stages by component / sub-system / system.

Incorporate and or develop a path forward for accounting any unique requirements for Quality

deliverables as it pertains to scope. Develop and implement the work processes to the extent of

possibility and work with Phase 5 Delivery Team to implement any changes where exceptions need

to be addressed.

Interface and work with TCO responsible teams (Systems Completions, Quality Control,

Project Engineering, IM, Regulatory, Facility Engineering etc.) to implement the delviery work

processes for Quality and Handover deliverables validation of completion in CMS. Commuincate

effectively in meetings and in the workplace to carry out her/his duties.

Develop Work Instructions to identify and detail each step of execution for the validation of completion

of Quality and Handover deliverables. Lead and coordinate the work with Systems Completion

Certification (MC Plus) teams with regards to tracking of Quality records for Handover. Engage with

responsible stakeholders to ensure the association of Quality deliverables to tagged equipment / subsystem

/ system and required metadata load sheets as needed from Project Systems of Records

(MCPlus for non-tags / quality records, ARD for tags) into CMS tool.

Identify the project deliverables’ requirements such as metadata for tracking and reporting, make

suggestions and or develop prototypes for implementation in CMS pages if required. Responsible for

proper entry of electronic metadata loads and related documents; ensuring the correct data entered

to CMS and carry out remedial actions for consistency as per delivery work process requirements.

Undertake immediate actions if required documents are not transferred / or not accessible at

appropriate CMS web-location. Provide technical assistance in importing / exporting data to/from

Contractors / Project databases and correcting mistakes in entering information. Liaise closely with

the Phase 5 Delivery Team to lead the work scope for setting up and populating the CMS Handover


Responsible for updates of scope completion statuses and dashboards in CMS. Provide supports

to Delivery teams to track and validate the Project Deliverables required for Handover by Operations

and Maintenance. Understand document and or information control process, show ability to search

and find documents / data using project and company document management databases. Ensure all

handover required Quality records and documents have the status “Complete” and “Electronic

files received” for each tag / sub-system / system at the point of turnover to Operations. Ensure

accuracy in applying delivery work processes.

Facilitate and participate in meetings and take minutes of meeting notes; issue readiness and

completion status reports for Quality and Handover deliverables; provide weekly reports; present in

Safety meetings. Lead and assist to project team members 


University Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma

 Level of English – Upper-intermediate

 6 – 10 years proven work experience in Oil & Gas Environment – in the Project Environment / Lifecycle,

especially Major Capital Projects (MCP).

 In-depth knowledge of relevant specifications, codes and appropriate safety criteria, Oil& Gas Facilities

Maintenance practices and procedures.

 Practical experience working with contractors in activities associated with oil & gas equipment.

 Previous experience in commissioning and / or start-up areas is desirable.

 Proven experience in the management and use of relationship databases and work flows.

 Experience with Facility Acceptance requirements - in line with RoK regulations.

 Technical evaluation of Regulatory compliance issues as related to the Operations Readiness to Start-up.

0B2.2 Non-Technical skills:

 Application of leadership skills.

 Good team-working abilities. Must be able to influence others to achieve goals.

 Excellent Organizational skills.

 Financial Awareness.

 Strong Technical / Analytical Skills.

 Self-Starter with multitasking capabilities.

 Ability to work in and foster a strong team environment with minimal supervision.

Good working knowledge of Microsoft office application (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio etc.)

Tengiz 28/28

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