Lead PTW Сoordinator (Tengiz 28/28)
Lead PTW Сoordinator (Tengiz 28/28), Атырауская область
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Lead PTW Сoordinator (Tengiz 28/28)

Main Requirements:

Bachelors diploma in Business Administration or relevant field.

Good organizational skills and able to interact with all levels of site personnel within the organization.

Previous experience working overseas is essential.

Should have 5 years + experience in a relevant position.


1.Perform works with Permit to Work system (Approving Authority), in accordance with LLC “KКTS” and client company standards.

2.Assistance in development and usage Permit to Work system, copying and editing work permits.

3.Integrate gas-test results in work permits.

4.Create ICC (Isolation Conformation Certificate).

5.Create Temporary Defeat.

6.Execution documentation packages, which are necessary for issuing work permits.

7.Mandatory check of comprehensiveness, satisfactory form and translations accomplishment, enabling documentation before distribution in a case of need and accomplishment translations from Kazakh and  Russian to English of English to Russian and Kazakh if it’s necessary.

8 Accomplishment Manager’s certain instructions within its competence.

9.Attend SIMOPS meeting if required by Manager’s.

10.Updates HSE Step-up card into master file for weekly and monthly reporting.

       Вакансия размещена с целью ознакомления. 

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