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This job is based in Tengiz, Kazakhstan.
The position is on 14/14 rotation.
Accommodation, transport and 3 times of meal are provided by the company.
Job duties:

Issues supplies, materials, and equipment to AGI employees. Manually collects items from various shelves and racking systems.  

Verifies employees work order, or MWR form prior to issuing parts.

Entries data into the system (NAV) on material issues in accordance with AGI warehouse policies and procedures.

Uses company computer programs (FMP, email, google apps) in accordance with AGI policy and procedure and as directed by the warehouse manager.

Completing tasks such as, but not limited to:

  • Recording Returned Items

  • Following up on borrowed tool reports

Conducts daily, weekly, monthly inventory counts and verifies against electronic database, and suggested reorder listings. Or as directed by the warehouse manager.

Responsible for accuracy of daily records on parts, materials and PPE issuance.  

Performs spot checks and reconciliation.

Organizes and maintains warehouse and inventory yard areas for efficient material storage and handling; maintains labeling system on each stock item; manually stocks inventory shelving with stock items received or returned.

Must be able to work outside during inclimate weather conditions, and at times work in industrial areas.

Must be able to maintain a minimum level of health in order to, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl.  Frequently lifts and or moves up to 25 kgs and on occasion up to 50 KG

Must use effective means of communication to promptly report and delays due to vendor issues,  or other emergencies. Or in the event of irregularities relating to the assigned task.

Maintains a professional representation of the company at all times, through safe responsible and, professional behaviour and conduct.  This includes being respectful to other staff members, vendors, clients, or other visitors.

Must report to company nurse daily to complete pre-shift physical screening, including:

  • Pre-shift alcohol test

  • Pre-shift blood pressure test.

Other duties as assigned on her/him within the framework of duties by direct manager, or senior staff.

Being respectful and working well with others.

Adhering to HSE requirements and Standard Operating Procedure for his/her position.

Ensures that all goods and materials are stored as per storage condition requirements provided by the manufacturer and in accordance with AGI norms and regulations.

Informs the warehouse manager by email with a clear explanation what measures have been taken within his/her level of responsibility, if nonconformity with regards to storage conditions is determined.

Checks storage conditions of the material no less than once per month to make sure all warehouse tags, manufacture labels are in place, the packing is not damaged, shelf life of the goods is not expired, etc. In case of any problems, immediately informs a warehouse manager for corrective actions.

Bottled gases receipts, issuance, storage and handling.

Records all data related to PPE issuing, receiving and returns.

Records all data related to H2S BW Fleet Manager Report.

Transfers and reviews fuel entries of the previous day from a hardcopy log into Google sheets in accordance with AGI Policy and procedure.

Issues fuel and oils to AGI employees or anyone approved by AGI management via a fuel voucher.

Records issuance of fuel in  a daily fuel log sheet in accordance with AGI policies and procedures.

Performs daily dips and meter readings for diesel and petrol.

Performs weekly counts of oils, or as directed by the warehouse manager

Receives delivered fuel and oils; confirms that delivered goods match invoice quantity and ensures materials are in good condition.

Completes routine checks of fuel station to ensure everything is in working order, damage, theft, etc.

Ensures the fuel station area is clean and clutter free, resulting in a safe working environment.

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