Test group: Test system for schoolchildren of 5-8 grades.

  • Testing can take place only students and applicants
Name Actions Status
1 Family professions tree (genealogy of professions)
is being expected
2 The study of professional orientation through interests and inclinations in additional education
is being expected
3 Self-assessment of abilities and skills
is being expected
4 Attractive professions
is being expected
5 Test for parents to determine the interests and abilities of the student
is being expected

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What is the average salary of workers in your specialty?
50 000 KZT
from 50 000 KZT to 100 000 KZT
from 100 000 KZT to 150 000 KZT
from 150 000 KZT to 250 000 KZT
from 250 000 KZT and above